Linerless Transfer Tape and Cold Color Change Vinyl by Cricut

This is a win for crafters! Linerless transfer tape… very interesting concept and it actually works. I have been playing around with the linerless transfer tape for a few weeks and now I can’t imagine going back to using liner transfer tape.

What’s the big deal? I can keep reusing the linerless transfer tape for several vinyl transfer designs. The stickiness is still there and I don’t have the liner to dispose.

Biggest tip. Use the True Knife blade to cut.

Linerless vs. liner. It’s a matter of preference. Try out the linerless transfer tape by Cricut to see if it is something that is more effective for your crafting style. I like it because it is easy to use, I can keep reusing it, and the designs transfers easily to a project.

Cold color change vinyl. It’s a nice touch to a beautiful crafting project. Kids (and I) love seeing the color change. It never gets old. The color changes around 50°F.

Watch how to use the linerless transfer tape with the cold color change vinyl by Cricut in this video.

Author: Nhia Lee

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