Learn How to Bling Out Your $7 Floor Mirror

I saw a really cute idea in a crafting group and decided to make an affirmation mirror for my daughter.

Materials Used:

Cricut Holographic Permanent Vinyl (tiara)

Cricut Black Permanent Glossy Vinyl (wording)

Cricut Glitter Vinyl (lips)

Mirror ($7 from Target)

String Rhinestones (amazon)

Transfer Tape (Cricut standard worked)

Tools Used:

Cricut Joy (cutting machine)

Hot Glue and Gun



Step 1: Create a list of affirmations for the mirror.

Step 2: Type the affirmation list in Cricut Design Space.

Step 3: In Cricut Design Space, add any inspirational images. I added a tiara and lips. Not it’s time to cut. I sized the tiara to fit 4.5″ across. The lips are 1.75″ w. I did two different sizes for the wording for visual effect.

Step 4: Add vinyl to the cutting mat and position words and objects. I used the Cricut Joy and everything fit on two mats. Cut, weed, and cut the transfer tape to size of weeded vinyl and then add the transfer tape to the vinyl.

Step 5: Line up the tiara on the mirror first and then place. Use the scrapper to lay the vinyl flat and get rid of bubbles. Next, add the wording. I added the lips after the wording was placed.

Step 6: Measure out the top of the mirror for the rhinestones on a string. Cut to size.

Step 7: Add hot glue using the hot glue gun to the back of the rhinestones. Be careful. It’s very hot.

Step 8: Add the sides by measuring out the rhinestones. Apply with the hot glue by using the same steps as step 7. Repeat on both sides and then the bottom.

Step 9: Enjoy your new mirror!

Author: Nhia Lee

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