Ninja Foodi Pro XL Grill Review

Many people took advantage of Prime Day with Amazon. I was one if those people. I was able to add to my small appliance collection with the purchase of the Ninja Foodi Pro XL grill. Did I need a new indoor grill, NO! I have been very impressed with the Ninja Kitchen brand so I have been replacing various small appliances of other brands with the Ninja brand.

I opened the box and washed the inside parts immediately. I was ready to grill some corn and asparagus. After cleaning the components (grate, air crisper basket, and griddle) I only used the grill grate and preheated the grill. I used the settings from the recipe/ instruction book which included max heat for 10 minutes. I seasoned the veggies and placed on the grill, tossing every few minutes and voila! The veggies were cooked to perfection. The process was simple.

Now on to making grilled blackened salmon. I powered up the grill and preheated it according to the settings that came with the grill inside of the booklet. The temperature was set to hi for 10 minutes and the grill alerts me when to flip the salmon. How sophisticated is that?? I need that alert as I am in the kitchen doing other things while grilling. I seasoned the salmon and placed on the grill and closed the lid. Absolutely NO smoke. The splash guard is a smart move made on Ninja Kitchen’s part. The salmon cooked well. The inside was juicy and the outside was crispy. Yummy! I have owned several indoor grills and this one takes my heart.

Cleaning was surprisingly simple. After the grill grate has completely cooled (I do not want to burn myself), I started the cleaning process. Begin by releasing the grill grate by pressing the red button on the left side.

After grilling, it looks like a mess but the Dawn powerwash goes a far way. All I do is spray the grill with the Dawn powerwash. Leave on for approximately 10 minutes, and wash with a non-abrasive sponge. That’s it. The Soap wipes off really well.

I can cook a meal in a 10 minute time frame. This is super easy as I am a huge crafter and sometimes forget to cook or I do not want to take a lot of time away from crafting. I love grilled food and I am super happy with securing the deal from my Amazon Prime purchase.

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Author: Nhia Lee

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