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Hi everyone! I’m Nhia Lee. I am an avid crafter who loves creating projects. I started crafting as a way to escape, mentally. I went through a divorce and crafting was a way I found joy. There are various crafting groups where people can learn different skills and projects. I bought a Cricut machine and fell in love. Prior to my Cricut machine, I was hand cutting everything with a metal ruler, cutting mat, and exacto blade. Those days are over, now that I have a cutting machine. As I was in the different crafting groups online, there was a lot of hidden racism. This started taking my happiness away from crafting. Yes, I could stop going online in these communities but I enjoyed people too much. I saw a need for a specific crafting group and I founded it. It was a group for black girls who love using their Cricut machine. The need for this particular group was necessary to protect us and be empowering. I founded the group in October 2017 with three people and now we are going strong with 59K people. I am truly blessed to share tutorials with you.

Thanks for taking time out and stopping by my blog. While you are here, please check out my tips and tutorials in the crafting world.

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